Think.Eat.Save: Reduce your foodprint!

Eat.Think.Save: Reduce your FoodPrint!

Blogging with Bijesh Mishra

Once I was attending my friend’s marriage party, I accidently reached to drain-board. I saw some buckets full of superfluous food. Some grubby dishes were also full of food ready to be dumped. I returned to party venue. I again noticed more than half number of dishes on the floor was almost full of superfluous food. It caught my attention. I waited till the end of party to see total amount of food wastage. At the end, I found almost one-third of total cooked food was left unconsumed.

After returning home, I searched internet and found that globally, about one-third of edible parts of food (about 1.3 billion tons) for human consumption get squandered every year. Food wastage is severe in developed and industrialized country compared to developing country. Per capita food loss in Europe and North-America is 280-300 kg/year whereas 120-170 kg/year in Asia and 6-11 kg/year in South…

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Youth Entrepreneurship: Gateway to Self-sustain

Youth Entrepreneurship: Gateway To Self Sustain

Blogging with Bijesh Mishra

Youth is the most productive and potential phase of life to bring change. Every youth want to become successful, well known for their name, earn money and live happy life. They remain as important power of nation and plays major role in nation building. They have stronger willingness towards success in life. Youth have courage, innovativeness, inquisitiveness and high confidence. They aimed to become richest of the world like Carlos Slim Helu, Bill Gates and Binod Chaudhary, the first Nepalese billionaire. so youth is like a fire; creep forward, a spark at first growing into a flame brightening into a blaze.

Whether the life of youth is productive and potential but unemployment of this productive generation leads them to be involved in drug addiction, gang fight and many other criminal activities. Some of them migrate to different countries for job opportunities blaming that corruption, political instability

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natural beauty and tourism in Nepal


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